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Tourism, water activities,routes and charming getaway in Cartagena

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      On this delightful sightseeing cruise you will also get to visit the Fortress of "Navidad" (Fuerte de Navidad). Built in the mid-nineteenth century, the fortress is a fundamental part of the defense system in the bay of Cartagena More details under "more info"

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    A Modernist route in the port city Cartagena, which is a 2500 year old city with monumental testimonies of a splendid history in each of its corners, streets and squares. This is a cultural experience to remember! More details under "more info"

  • 30,00 €

    This harbour city has a 3000 year history which you can experience on this tour - The Roman Cartagena and the well-preserved signs of the earliest time of its history. More details under "more info"

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  • 35,00 €

    In this mines tour, you will be able to enjoy a special day visiting a pyrite mine with more than a hundred years of activity and we will watch a live flamenco show.

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